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Da Sanjiang Provides

Instant Noodle Machines
- For Dried, Fried Or Fresh Products

Vermicelli Machines - Feed On Rice, Bean Or Corn Starch
Da Sanjiang Provides

Instant Noodle Machines

- For Dried, Fried Or Fresh Products

Vermicelli Machines
- Feed On Rice, Bean Or Corn Starch Etc

You'll have the best processing line
At mighty reasonable price.

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Chinese Instant Noodle Machine Manufacturer - Da Sanjiang Machinery Co., Ltd.

We provide turn-key projects of the complete set of non-fried and fried instant noodle equipment and the individual instant machines, as well as the Asian vermicelli rice instant noodle making machines that feed on granular rice to make instant rice noodle vermicelli or starch vermicelli made from mung bean, rice, corn, potato, sweet potato, yam, tapioca and other starch. Our instant noodle noodles can produce glass noodles or Sotanghon, Chinese Rice Noodles Bihon (bihun). We also make Italian pasta machines.

Video Showcase of our Instant Noodle Making Machines


Fried Instant Noodle Machines

This is a complete set of instant noodle machines made and installed by Da Sanjiang for C. G. Foods. Features:

Output: 80,000 (pcs/shift);
Power capacity 64(kW);
Steam consumption: 1500(kg/hr);
Operators 5 /shift;
Dimension: 75X5X6 meters.

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Dried Instant Noodle Making Machine

Dried Instant Noodle Machines

A complete set of dried instant noodle machines made and installed by Da Sanjiang for Cocola Food Products. Features:

Production output: 6T/shift;
Power capacity 78(kW);
Steam consumption: 1300(kg/hr);
Operators 5 /shift;
Dimension: 75X5X6 meters.

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rice noodle machine

Rice Instant Noodle Machines

A complete set of dried instant noodle machines made and installed by Da Sanjiang for PT Indofood. Features:

Production output: 4T/shift;
Power capacity 95(kW);
Steam consumption: 1500(kg/hr);
Operators 10 /shift;
Dimension: 100x7.0x4 meters.

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Complete set of fried instant noodle machines are currently the main stream in the instant noodle industry. Fried instant noodles are usually served after soaking them in hot water for 3 minutes without cooking. Dried cooking instant noodles are less expensive to produce without the extra expense of the frying oil. The difference between the two types of complete of instant noodle machines are the dehydration methods, namely deep frying or hot air drying. Rice vermicelli production lines always use hot-air drying process.

More instant noodle making machine video clips: http://dasanjiang.biz/videos/

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About Da Sanjiang

Our Business

We provide food processing lines of flour noodles, rice vermicelli and macaroni pasta in China and all over the world. We can provide production lines and operation units tailored for customer request design, manufacture, installation and operation training services.

For more than 30 years we have exported our production lines to United Kingdom, Sweden, Russia, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Syria, Nigeria and other countries. We make the following series of wheat flour noodles, rice or starch or cereal noodles/vermicelli production lines. 

Wheat Flour Pasta and Instant Noodle Machines

  • Complete set of non-fried instant noodle machines - 3t-12t/8hrs (Cup or Bag), noodles ready to serve in 3 to 5 minutes by adding in hot water
  • Complete of fried instant noodle machines - 3t-20t/8hrs (bag or cup ), noodles ready to serve in 3 to 5 minutes by adding in hot water, production line can be modified to make crisp instant noodle snacks
  • Easy-cooking complete of instant noodle machines - 3t-20t/8hrs, (round or square or manual shaped in MDN Series) , noodles need to be cooked before serving
  • Stick noodle production line - 3t-13t/ 8hrs
  • Crisp Instant noodle produce line - 3t-16t/8hrs
  • Fresh(Raw or cooked) flour noodle produce line - 3t-16t/8hrs
  • Soft noodle produce line - 3t-20t/8hrs
  • Bow tie pasta production line - 2t-10t/8hrs

Rice (Starch) Instant Noodle Machines

  • Instant rice /starch vermicelli machines - 2t-5t/8hrs, vermicelli ready to serve in 3 to 5 minutes by adding in hot water
  • Hand shaped rice vermicelli machines - 3t-6t/8hrs
  • Wave shape vermicelli machines - 3t-12t/8hrs. Feed on rice or corn starch
  • Rice noodle machines - 1t-5t/8hs, Instant or Fresh or Stick type

Other food Machines

  • Macaroni Machines - 2t-8t/8hs, feed on wheat flour or rice or various starch
  • Synthetic rice making machines 
Instant Noodle Machine, Flour Mixer

Flour Mixer For Dough Making - Pasta Machine and Instant Noodle Machine

Instant Noodle Machine - threading

Instant Noodle Machine - threading


Multi-layer Instant Noodle Machine Steamer - Optionally you may select the single layer steamer if your have a lot of space. The steamer is a required machine for fried and non-fried instant noodle and dried cooking instant noodle making plants.


We Acquired Guangzhou Institute Of Food Science

Our company has recently acquired all the assets of Guangzhou Institute of Food Science (formerly known as Guangzhou Grain Machinery Factory,transaction ID SW2014R0185-2-01 via Guangzhou City Property Exchange). We also recruited their engineers, managers, senior technicians and so on. This 30 years old enterprise, the only state-owned manufacturer instant noodle making machines in Guangdong Province, has ended their business in food machinery manufacturing and its human resources and the instant production line equipment have merged into our company - we are growing more and more powerful.

Squired Assets

Modern Instant Noodle Making Machine Makes Traditional Yi Mein Noodles

Long before the time of the modern instant noodles made by instant noodle machines, there were similar pre-fried egg noodles in China called Yi mein or E-fu noodles (Chinese pinyin: yī miàn; Cantonese Yale: yī mihn). This Yi mein machine (E-fu noodle machine) makes the great delicacy in bulk quantity by a process similar to the ordinary instant noodle machines, except soda is added in the dough and shape of the noodles are different. And the diameter of the Yi Mein block is about the size of a regular pizza and the thickness is 2 to 3 inches.

Our instant noodle machine turn-key projects use the most reliable machines made by Da Sanjiang and selected partners.

Please check out more video clips: http://dasanjiang.biz/videos/

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Hand-Made Cellophane Glass Noodles, Rice Vermicelli Instant Noodle Machines

Rice vermicelli is the thin, round in section and transparent instant noodles popular in South-East Asia, also known as bee hoon in Hokkien or mai fun in Cantonese. This complete of vermicelli instant noodle machines produce cellophane glass noodles through the following steps:

Slurry Miller, Slurry Screening → Quantitative Steaming and Stirring → Screw Conveyor, Self-Ripening Machine and Vermicelli Extrusion → Vermicelli Spreading, Automatic Set-length Cutting → Vermicelli Steaming → Second Stage Aging → Water Bathing and Vermicelli Spreading → Continuous Drying → Packaging → Cellophane Glass Noodle Products

The instant noodle making machines of high quality made by Da Sanjiang and selected partners guarantee the success of our turnkey projects.

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